D1 + E Minibus & Trailer Training

After passing the PCV D1 practical test candidates will then be able to proceed to PCV D1+E driver training (minibus & trailer).

Please note this licence is mandatory if the maximum authorised mass of the trailer being towed is greater than 750kgs.

This licence is especially useful for those of you who will be driving a minibus and towing rowing boats or for those who are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

This is for those who have passed the D1 Minibus Test and will need to tow a trailer, so this could be Rowers or Rowing coaches , Scout groups and Duke Of Edinburgh Leaders.

Please Note
Once D1, & D1+E are passed you will automatically receive the B+E Category as well.

Package 1
2 x 3.5 hours 1:1 D1+E Training
DVSA Driving Test
£775 per person

Package 1A
3 X 3.5 Hours 1:1 Driver Training
£1105 per person

Dedicated Reversing , Uncoupling and Recoupling area
Available on all our courses so you can perfect your manoeuvres.

Breakdown of all Costs
£275 per 3.5 hour session plus vat
Medical £60 No Vat
Theory Test £26 No Vat
Hazard Perception Test £11 No Vat
DVSA Driving Test £115 No Vat
Online Revision £20 Plus Vat

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