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7.5 Ton Driver Training Courses

C1 7.5 Ton, Ambulance Driver Training, Horsebox Training, Light/Medium LGV Training

To apply for your C1 7.5 Ton, D1 Minibus or HGV you will need to:

Online Revision offered for all Theory, Hazard and Driver CPC Tests. 

You will then receive your Driving licence back from DVLA it will look exactly the same as all Provisional entitlements are Online. 

We then book the Theory Module 1 and Hazard Perception Test Module 1a plus Driver CPC Module 2 if required. 

Once passed we arrange the Practical Driving Course with DVSA Driving test Module 3 and again if required the Driver CPC Module 4 Demostration Training and Test. 

The C1 7.5ton plus Trailer C1+E and D1+E Minibus and Trailer 

You will need to pass the C1 and/or D1 before you will receive the +E provisional entitlement We can then arrange the Training and practical test for both C1+E or D1+E. 

Whatever your drive training needs

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