Did You Know?

On this page you’ll find answers to questions that are useful if you’re thinking of learning to drive a lorry or bus for a living.

HGV LGV PCV courses

Some Definitions

HGV & LGV are the same: Heavy goods vehicles and large goods vehicle. LGV used to refer to ‘Light Goods Vehicles’ this was changed in 1992 to align with Europe. Whenever we refer to LGV we’ll be talking about large goods vehicles.

PCV : Passenger Carrying vehicle is a Bus, Coach or Minibus

Learn Fast

We provide Fastrack courses. If you want to do an intensive course to learn and pass your test quickly try our fastrack courses.

Minibus and Trailer –  Car to D1+E
7.5 Tonne Van and Trailer –  Car to C1+E
HGV Class 1  – Car to C+E

HGV LGV PCV courses
HGV LGV PCV courses

What do I need to pass?

To be a professional Driver (HGV/LGV/PCV) you will need to:

Pass 3 Theory Tests and 3 Practical Tests. The Theory tests will be at your local theory test centre. (the same place as car Theory tests)

  • Module 1a Multiple Choice Theory Test
  • Module 1b Hazard Perception Test
  • Module 2 Driver CPC Case study Theory test
  • Module 3a Practical Reversing and or Uncoupling Test (at our own reversing area with our own delegated examiners )
  • Module 3b Practical DVSA Driving Test
  • Module 4 Practical Driver CPC Demonstration Test (at our depots with our own delegated examiner)

You will also need to pass an HGV/LGV/PCV Medical before you can obtain the HGV/LGV/PCV Provisional Entitlement.

You will then need to pass a medical at 45 years of age and then every 5 years.

Did you also know?

We also offer finance options. 

You can meet and book face-to-face at our office in Knowl Hill Reading.

We have depots in Reading, Bracknell, Henley and Abingdon