Our Reading Depot

3 Merchant Court, Bath Road, Knowl Hill, Reading RG10 9UR

HGV driving at Reading


Learn to drive a minibus at our Reading Depot

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7.5 Tonne Van & Ambulance

Learn to drive a 7.5 tonne van or ambulance at our Reading Depot.

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Car to C+E HGV

If you’re looking for high-quality HGV training at Reading, look no further than Kim Driver Training. Drive a HGV at Reading.

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Class 2 HGV

Do you need to learn to drive a rigid lorry? You need our class 2 courses! Drive a HGV at Reading.

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Minibus and Trailer

Do you need to learn how to drive a minibus towing a trailer? We can teach you.

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7.5 Tonne with Trailer

Learn to drive a van towing a trailer with us.

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If you’d like to learn to drive a full sized bus this is the course for you.

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Driver CPC

Whether you’re taking your initial CPC or need to pass to keep your CPC up-to-date. Take your CPC at our Reading Depot.

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Professional Driver Training

Kim Driver Training in Reading has established itself as a premier facility for professional driver training, offering a comprehensive range of courses that meet various driving needs. Committed to unbeatable prices and superior training services, it has become a reliable choice for people in Reading and beyond.

HGV Training

HGV Training One of the key highlights of Kim Driver Training is its specialisation in Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) training. Aspiring HGV drivers can enroll in Class 1 C+E training for articulated vehicles or Category C HGV Class 2 training for rigid vehicles. Additionally, the training centre offers Category C1 training for 7.5-ton vehicles, with specialized courses such as C1 paramedic training available. The recent legislation changes in 2021 have made it possible to fast-track HGV driver training from car to C+E training, providing an efficient pathway for individuals looking to transition into the world of professional truck driving.

Bus Driver Training

PCV Training For those interested in driving passenger-carrying vehicles (PCV), Kim Driver Training provides comprehensive PCV bus training and D1 minibus training in Reading. The training extends beyond the initial stages, covering Initial Driver CPC training and the mandatory 35 hours Driver CPC training. These courses ensure that drivers not only acquire the necessary skills but also comply with regulations and maintain high standards in their profession.


Conveniently located in Reading, Kim Driver Training is easily accessible for local residents and businesses. The training centre boasts its own reversing area, facilitating hands-on practice for learners, a crucial aspect of driver training. The presence of in-house examiners further emphasizes the commitment to maintaining rigorous and quality-driven training assessments, ensuring that each driver is well-prepared for the challenges of the road.

Kim Driver Training’s roots trace back to its establishment in 2008 as a local family business. Over more than a decade, the training centre has been serving the community in Reading and beyond, highlighting its dedication to delivering excellence in driver education. The longevity of its presence reflects the trust and reliability that Kim Driver Training has built over the years.

Personal Service

One of the distinctive features of Kim Driver Training is its commitment to providing a personalised service. The ease of booking appointments, handled by the dedicated team, ensures a smooth experience for individuals seeking training. Whether it’s HGV training, PCV training, or CPC training, Kim Driver Training strives to make the process as straightforward as possible for its clients.

For those interested in visiting the office, Kim Driver Training is conveniently located at Knowl Hill in Reading, Berkshire. This central location makes it convenient for individuals from Reading and the surrounding areas to access the training centre easily. Whether you are looking to kickstart a career in logistics with one of our training courses for HGV training/ LGV training or aiming to become a professional bus driver through PCV training, Kim Driver Training offers a reliable and comprehensive solution.

To get in touch with Kim Driver Training, upgrade your licence, or book your Driver CPC, or have a question, you can reach out via email at admin@kimdrivertraining.co.uk or contact them directly at 07969 598596. This commitment to open communication demonstrates their dedication to assisting customers at every stage of their driver training journey.

Kickstart Your Driver Training

Book online, over the phone, or if yo’d prefer to talk face to face you can call in to our office at 3 Bath Road, Knowl Hill, Reading, England, RG10 9UR. We will ensure you’re on the right course for you.