Frequently Asked Questions About HGV Training

How do I apply for my HGV Licence?

You will need to pass HGV Medical completed by either your doctor or Trusted Medicals who we recommend, they also provide you with the D2 application form and D4 Medical form when booked through us.

How long does it take to learn to drive a HGV?

It can usually take from 5-8 weeks to drive a HGV. This will include applying for your provisional license, passing the medical, revising and passing the LGV theory, hazard perception, and, if required, the Driver CPC; you will also need to master the practical skills required to be a Professional HGV Driver. To become a professional driver, you will sit 3 Theory tests and 3 practical tests.

How much does HGV Training Cost?

Cost varies depending on which licence you opt for and if you go directly to a training company or through an agency/broker. All our costs are on our website.

What’s the difference between LGV & HGV?

HGV stands for Heavy Good Licence, and the LGV Stands for Large Good Vehicle; this was changed from HGV to LGV several years ago by the DVLA it has the same meaning for both.

What does Fastrack mean?

2021 the driving laws changed in the HGV Industry, you can now learn directly on the C+E, instead of the step process of passing Category C and then once passed sitting the C+E.
This tends to be a longer Driver Training course as you are starting from a car licence.
You can also go directly to C1+E 7.5ton and Trailer/D1+E Minibus and Trailer and D+E Bus and Trailer.

Do I have to pass the Driver CPC?

Driver CPC is for paid drivers working for a company or for carrying someone else’s goods. The Exemption DVSA use are scaffolders; if the driver is carrying the goods to use at one job, then they are classed as exempt; if, however, they go to drive to another job then they would need a Driver CPC Card. Horsebox drivers do not need the driver CPC if it is for leisure only, not eventing or carrying someone else horses and being paid to do so

How do I choose the right company to Train with?

You should do your due diligence before parting with your money, you should research, look at reviews, and pictures of people showing passes, speak to the company, and visit their depot.

Are Training Vehicles Automatic or Manual?

The majority of trucks on the road are now automatics. So as a training company, we also use automatic HGV-LGV and PCV.