HGV Driving test cost has many aspects associated with it. It includes the cost for a medical examination, driving theory test and the practical driving test. 

HGV Driving

Heavy Goods Vehicles are referred to as HGVs,  these are the large articulated lorries that are used for the transportation of everything from building supplies to food. 

HGV Driver Training

HGV Driver training is the most important aspect in terms of driving heavy vehicles. We would say that, being a driver training school, but if you don’t learn to drive the vehicle safely you will be a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. We have experienced instructors that will be able to teach you at the right pace for you. We will ensure that you are a confident driver, who can drive safely, as well as passing all aspects of the test and your driver CPC.

Factors affecting the HGV Driving test cost 

Numerous factors affect the HGV driving test cost.

  1. The amount of training that you require. If you have a lot of experience driving larger vehicles you will probably need fewer hours training. 
  2. If you need to drive Class 1 or 2 vehicles. If you only need to drive smaller vehicles the cost will be lower.
  3. The costs for the medical, and driving tests from the DVLA.