HGV LGV Driver Training in Wokingham

Offering Best HGV/LGV Driver Training Wokingham

We are a regional Professional HGV Trainer close to Wokingham. Kim Driver Training is a continually growing training business in Wokingham which ensures you the best services with a great pass rate of new HGV drivers within the Wokingham Area. Different categories of commercial training are provided by highly qualified instructors with years of experience.

Why should you go for Kim driver Training- Wokingham

Kim Driver Training, also known as KDT, was first introduced in 2008. It is based in Wokingham, successful in training almost more than 70 drivers not only from Wokingham but from its nearby areas. We provide the best services and clients are comfortable with our affordable prices.

Commercial Driver Training- Wokingham

Our instructors train all aspects of commercial vehicle licences from minibusses to HGVs according to your course and your requirement. 

We give you the best commercial driver training services in the Wokingham area with well maintained vehicles and the best professionals for instructing you. 

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