Confused about driving licence codes?

All of the codes on the back of your licence can look a bit confusing. How do you know what you’re allowed to drive, and if you want to drive something different how do you know what you need to get? We can help you to make sense of the codes, don’t worry!

+E after another code means something with a trailer, so if you have B+E on your licence B means that you can drive a car and +E means you can be towing a trailer. If you can drive a 7.5 tonne van you will need C1+E to drive the van towing a trailer. So why do you need to do extra tests to be able to tow a trailer? If you have mastered driving a vehicle is towing different?

+E on driving licence

Why is there a separate code for towing?

Towing a trailer is different to just driving the vehicle. It’s OK if you’re just driving in a straight line, but if you’re going to tow a trailer on a normal road, or complete any parking manoeuvre you will need some training and practice. Something most learners find when they try to manoeuvre the vehicle with a trailer attached is the trailer doesn’t always behave as you would expect. This is why you have to take some training and be properly assessed before you drive with a trailer on the road. It’s also very important to learn how to hitch and disconnect your trailer safely. You don’t want to lose your trailer because it wasn’t hitched correctly!

Now you understand the +E code, if you want to drive anything towing a trailer and would like some lessons talk to us. We can offer experienced, calm driver training, so you’ll always be safe when you’re towing.